Smurly is an addictive puzzle game, designed to play in waiting rooms and other places, without any time stress or 'out of lives' messages or having to spend money on power-ups. Instead of a lot of finery we tried to keep the game as slick as possible. So clear graphics and little blah that only distracts. There are no advertisements in the game at all, no banners, nothing. We don't like that ourselves, so why bother you with that?

We offer three versions of SmurlyTheGame:

  • Part One ( Free, 150 levels ) - Released on March 23rd 2017
  • Part Two ( Free, 120 levels ) - Released on April 12th 2017
  • Professional ( Free, 140 levels ) - Released on June 20th 2017
If you login with your Facebook account, you will get three 'Skip Level' options. This allows you to skip ANY three levels which you don't immediately manage to solve. If afterwards you solve a previously skipped level, you regain that skip. Mind you: EVERY level can be solved, so the skips are extra. You do not need to use them!

EVERY 15th level is a bonus level. Example: When you solve level 14 then level 15 (the bonus level) AND level 16 become available. When you solve level 29 then level 30 AND level 31 become available and so on. Bonus levels are extra levels that you can play at your leisure, but don't have to be solved.

Every version is available for iOS (iPhone, iPad and such) from iTunes (Dutch), iTunes (USA) and all other iTunes stores, and for Android from Google Play.

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